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We strongly urge you to read the UberDiva Privacy Policy. It is our endeavor to ensure that any information you provide us is safely guarded and not misused in any manner. We assure you that we will take all the necessary steps for this once you agree to the UberDiva Privacy Policy by sharing your information.


Information Collection

The information you share with us is only used to enhance your experience while shopping with us at UberDiva. We save details that you shared with us when you create an UbderDiva account, IP address, date and time of your browsing, OS and browser. We also use cookies to better analyze all the traffic that we attract.


Our associates and partners also help us to improve the shopping experience for you at UberDiva and it is possible that they collect or do not collect certain/all your information. The information that is collected by our associates/partners will come under their Privacy Policy purview.


There are some sections on UberDiva that extend to you the possibility to share your personal opinion. Those posts and details that you share will be viewable to other users.



Use of Information Collected

We use the information that you shared with us to contact you. We shall only contact you to inform you of contests, special offers, sales and other updates related to UberDiva. So that you are updated and can experience the delights that UberDiva offers.


The information that we collect from you is used by us to get in touch with you. We use the data to inform you about the latest offers, discounts and updates. This is to make your shopping experience delightful.


UberDiva will never disclose your personal information or other details that you share with us to any third party firm/organization. We may divulge details if legal purposes requires us to do so such as in the eventuality that illegitimate or illegal activities were initiated on our website.


Firewall & Security

We have taken steps to make sure that any information that you share with us is transmitted directly to us and is safe. To ensure this we have set up firewalls and the most secure security systems. They are regularly updated and active all the time.


Change in Privacy Policy

At UberDiva we believe in constantly improving ourselves and this means that we will make changes from time to time. We may also make changes in the UberDiva Privacy Policy without intimation; therefore regularly check for changes in our Policies.