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Team UberDiva

Team UberDiva

Neha Sood

The heart and soul of UberDiva. Neha loves everything that blings, be it accessories, clothes or people!

Project Meanie

Our very own style, trend and glamour expert. She ensures that everything is ticking at UberDiva. She is also the go-to-gal for all the fashion queries.

Site Architect

Our very own handy-man. He is the guy that makes all the clicks work on our site so that you enjoy your experience with us.

Director of First Impressions

She be little but fierce” she might be gentle but she is the toughest nut to crack in our team. She solves all customer queries regarding products and orders in a giffy!

Mukta Chaudhary

She speaks very little because she is busy putting all her love in your orders and keeping a check on the quality.

Prabhjot Kaur
Digital Prophet

She is a workaholic by heart and a chatterbox by soul. she keeps busy with marketing and attempting to predict the latest trends.