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User Guide

How to handle and care for UberDiva Jewellery 

We love all our UberDiva products and take special care whenever we send it you. For us UberDiva Jewellery is like a little baby that needs love and care. Here are some simple tips on how to take proper care of UberDiva Jewellery:


Storing – We recommend that you store all jewellery separately to avoid damaging the products and scratches. If you have a jewellery box or pouch, store the jewellery inside it. Bracelets, chains and necklaces are best laid out flat.


Wearing – Always wear jewellery after you have applied a moisturizer or hand cream. Take care not to tangle your earrings when taking off a dress or getting your ring stuck in your gloves.


When to avoid wearing jewellery - Do not wear rings and bracelets when working in or cleaning the house. Do not wear while sleeping or swimming.


Packing – Take special care in packing your jewellery when you are travelling; to protect them from scratches and damage. For this we recommend that you place them in travel totes.


NOTE: Avoid Contact with direct heat, chemicals, perfumes, deodorant, body lotion, hairspray, bleach etc.